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DigiCon™ is an interactive system for conferences, product presentation, press conferences, online courses and other events.



Live stream with professional studio technology broadcasted from multiple locations. Access can be limited to registered users or paying cutomers only.



Optional or mandatory registration, depending on the customer goals.


Online ticket purchase

A By purchasing a ticket the user gets access to all content and streaming channels included in the price.


Customized website

The website can be fully cutomized to suit your event and the image of your company the best.


Live chat

Real-time chat visible for all paritcipants. Your viewers can create a conversation by adding comments or questions to the topic. Moderation is also available.



Questions can be displayed to participants (pre-timed, or manually started) during the presentations. The answers can be inserted into the broadcast on an aggregate, dynamically updated graph in real time.


Questions from the audiance

The audiance may submit questions for the speakers. Speakers are provided a channel to follow and see the questions in real-time.


Mobile application

All functions of the website can be available in an app as well. With pre-timed, or real-time notifications it can engage the users even more.



A Progressive Web App (PWA) combines the benefits of a website and a mobile application. By leaving out third party app dowload markets you can save valuable time.

Image, brand

The interface can be customized for your image and branding needs in order to provide a coherent and consistent visual communication.

Structure and modularity

By selecting and pairing existing modules the website is suitable for serving a product presentation for a narrow audience, or even a digital conference with thousands of viewers.

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Online streaming

Stream your event from one, or more locations. You may add sponsored content or clipping images to the broadcast. Certain parts of the website might be used after registration/ticket purchase only.

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Details of the event

Introduction, greeting, ticket information with pictures, descriptions or videos

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A profile page can be created for each presenter with various content: add a CV, important quotes, or even a video.

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DigiCon ™ gives the opportunity to broadcast only one program, but if required, it can be expanded to several events, venues, workshops or panels. Separate, detailed descriptions can be added to them.

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Online ticket purchase

Recommended providers:

  • OTP Simple Pay
  • Számlá
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A combination of several options is available for invitees and participants:

  • Invitation with a unique newsletter that includes an access code
  • Self-registration for visitors, after invitation if requested
  • Application for the full program or individual program elements with unique access
  • Possibility to purchase tickets for the entire program or individual elements
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Digitalize your events with us

For more info get in touch:

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Our works

Forbes Hungary

Website, events, ticketing, subscription system

Forbes referencia

"Office of the Year" group

Event websites, ticketing, subscription system

ICom Events referencia


Website, mobile application, events, ticketing

ThinkBdpst referencia



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Press conference

A press conference can be streamed for invited journalists only, or the public as well.

  • Optional registration without ticket generation
  • Inviting a list of users only, with custom templates and automated e-mails
  • Online stream from one location
  • Live chat, comment stream
  • Publicly available, rewatchable recording
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Product presentation

A product presentation is usually smaller in size than a conference, with a maximum of 1-2 speakers in total.

  • Website that fits an event and/or company image
  • Optional registration without ticket-generation
  • Inviting a list of users only, with custom templates and automated e-mails
  • Shareable public URL
  • Online stream from one location
  • Live chat, comment stream
  • Publicly available, rewatchable recording
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A digital conference with several participants includes the most modules.

  • Website that fits an event and/or company image
  • Registration, user profile, online ticket purchase, ticket-generation, custom e-mail templates, automated e-mails
  • Online stream from multiple locations (speakers and presenters separated)
  • Sponsored content or ads mid stream
  • Live chat, comment stream
  • Quick polls and votes displayed by the organizers
  • Submitting questions to the speaker that can be moderated and selected by a team
  • Mobile application
  • Rewatchable recordings available for registered users only
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Online training

Professional trainings can be held remotely. After the lectures a time-limit test can be used to check the acquired knowledge.

  • A microsite that suits the event or the company image
  • Inviting a list of users only, with custom templates and automated e-mails
  • Mandatory registration, user profile, aktivity tacking
  • Online stream from one, or more locations
  • Live chat, comment stream
  • Submitting questions to the lecturer that can be moderated and selected by a team
  • Online test with time limit to check the knowledge of each user; combined with activity tracking the efficiency of the training can be monitored
  • Rewatchable recording for limited time, for registered users only

Event, event broadcast, live stream

By adding digital elements to your event, personal attendance might not be necessary for all perticipants. At the same time they can be more involved with polls, votes and live chat. The events and conferences we support are user friendly and easy to understand. They have full online video support if required, which we raise to the highest level with professional studio technology and mixing.

For companies: product presentation, press conference online

We can travel the world without leaving our home thanks to the technological development. The same goes for conferences. If a visitor is unable to attend an event, why not watch the speakers online. Now adding comments, or asking questions is also possible. By connecting people online, no one has to miss out on a great opportunity of learning.

Online courses, distance learning

Online education is not an easy task, but with the right tools it can be just as effective as a lecture attended in person. Users can be incentivized for active participation with questions and tests. To ensure the "fair game" you can set a time-limit and activate "window exit tracking". By activity tracking it is easy to follow when a user has logged in and out, or which lessons are the most interesting ones for them. Documents (e.g. certification, or written summary or the course) can be dowloaded after finishing a certain part of the course. Our UX and UI designers make sure to reach your goal by presenting your content on a user friendly and effective way.

Virtual event, professional training, digitalization

Interactive events, which create value in content and find their target audience, provide a well-segmented lifelong experience for their visitors. Digital conferences have their advantages to purely offline events, but of course it goes both ways: something is only possible with personal attendance. Our team works on bringing these factors in harmony by adding the most fitting modules to the mix. With 10 years of experience we are happy to find the best solution for your concept or to help with the communication.